Weight Loss Surgery changed my life

At 27 years old morbidly obese, divorced, and depressed I woke up and decided to make a change. I started the process with a weight loss center for bariatric surgery after hours spent on YouTube.

I went through almost the entire approval process before meeting Dr. Brown. We met the week before my EGD. She answered all of my questions made me feel extremely confident in my decision.

I started my journey at 268lbs and on the day of surgery (November 23rd, 2020), I weighed in at 240.

The morning of surgery she stopped by to check on me in preop, answered all of my sweet mom's (who had flown in the care for me during recovery)questions. She reassured me again and made me feel excited about my new life.

When I was fully awake from surgery I hit the unit walking lap after lap which helped with the gas pain, as she promised. The week after surgery I was able to get in my steps every day and hit my mile goal by day 4 post-op - we got creative using museums and malls as tracks which made it more enjoyable( highly recommend).

As of July 28th, 2021 I am 172.2 and still losing!

The first few months the weight was falling off as long as I kept doing as Dr. Brown said (listen to her, she knows what she is talking about). I have now been doing personal training (boxing and weight lifting).

I have taken this opportunity to change my relationship with food and my body. Yes eating out and socially enjoying food has changed but not in the way I thought. I still go out to eat with my family and friends, I just get to take home leftovers and enjoy the meal over several days. I still enjoy traveling and going to bars during girls' trips, I just order cranberry and limes and no one knows otherwise.

Pro tip: ask the bartender to make you a non-alcoholic drink with no soda they get creative. And if you don’t want anyone to know just get there a few minutes early… or late!)

As of today 8 months out, I am still very happy with my decision. It has given me a second chance at life and the ability to spontaneously do handstands again! THIS HAS CHANGED MY LIFE.

I am thankful every day for Dr brown and her guidance!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! I genuinely can not say it enough!a