What To Expect

A roadmap for your surgical weight loss journey.

The first step along the path is to find out as much as you can about Bariatric Surgical Procedures, and living a bariatric lifestyle. We are constantly assembling and providing more information here, but we also welcome you to reach out to make an appointment with one of our providers to discuss the specifics of your situation. You could also attend a free live information session.

If you're already in the process, here is what comes next.

Preoperative Next Steps


Before your first appointment, our office will verify that you have Bariatric Benefits and you will be notified if you do not have coverage. With insurance you are responsible for standard copays/deductibles and appointments will be covered otherwise.

If you do not have Bariatric Benefits, there are other payment options available including: cash pay and financing.

Referral to Dignity Health

Next we will refer you to the Dignity Weight Loss Center.

3367 S Mercy Rd, Ste 110, Gilbert, AZ 85297, 480-757-0292.

If you do not hear from them in 7 days please call them or my office.  If you are unable to use the Weight Loss Center for any reason (including personal preference) please notify us so that we can set up your clearances separately through our office.

They will assist in setting up all of the following requirements on your behalf.

Preoperative Evaluations

You have decided on your surgeon and what procedure is best for you. You will now begin your Preoperative Evaluations. The timeframe is insurance-guided and takes between 4-6 months. Please note if you use tobacco products you must quit preoperatively. This includes vaping, chew, cigarettes, marijuana, cigars, etc

4-6 Nutrition visits, once per month, insurance-guided

Information Session (Optional), 2nd Thursday every month 6 pm

Preop Support Group x1 (Mandatory), 1st/3rd Tues every month 6 pm

Psychology Evaluation, mandatory

Cardiology Evaluation, as needed

Pulmonary Evaluation for pulmonary function testing, mandatory

Sleep Study, as needed for symptoms or BMI >40

Preoperative Upper endoscopy with your surgeon

Preoperative Lab Draw

Schedule Surgery Date!

Re-evaluation 2 weeks before surgery with your surgeon to obtain prescriptions, answer any further questions.

Schedule your two-week post-op now.


You made it, and we are so proud of you. On behalf of our entire team, Congratulations!

Postoperative Follow up Schedule

2 weeks - post-op visit with your Surgeon (you will schedule that at your preop visit).

2 weeks - with your primary care physician (please arrange).

1 Month - Dignity Weight Loss Center

3 Months - Both your surgeon & Dignity Weight Loss Center (Vitamin Lab draw)

6 Months - Dignity Weight Loss Center

1 Year - Both your surgeon & Dignity Weight Loss Center

Annually for Life - Both your surgeon & Dignity Weight Loss Center