Arizona Self-Pay Bariatric Surgery

Unfortunately, many residents of Arizona need weight loss surgery but do not have access to it.

Either their insurance plan does not cover the procedures or they lack insurance coverage entirely.

Patients with coverage may also consider a self-pay option to avoid the average insurance waiting period of four to six months or to have complete control over their care.

This approach allows patients to decrease the time to surgery and choose both the surgeon and the facility instead of having their insurance company dictate this to them.

For those who qualify, Dr. Brown offers one of the most cost-competitive self-pay gastric sleeve options in Arizona.


Self-Pay Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy from:


What's Included?

  • Initial Consultation with a Board-Certified, Fellowship-Trained Bariatric Surgeon
  • Outpatient (same day) Surgery
  • Facility fee & Anesthesia
  • Nutrition Visits x3
  • Psychology Support Meeting
  • Preoperative Labs
  • Postoperative Visit
  • Lifelong Bariatric Community Support