How Much Does Bariatric Surgery Cost

Today I want to talk about a topic that often gets brought up in consultations or pre-consultations: the cost of bariatric surgery. This is a crucial topic to discuss because most people feel that bariatric surgery is out of their means financially, but what you don’t realize is that most insurance companies cover bariatric surgery. So let’s start with insurance. … Read More

How Much Does Bariatric Surgery Cost?

Dr. Brown explains exactly how much the various bariatric surgeries cost as of this recording. She details very close figures for in-patient and outpatient procedures, providing caveats for events that could change the total you pay out of pocket. Dr. Brown also discusses insurance coverages for bariatric surgery, including a Sleeve Gastrectomy, Gastric Bypass, Duodenal Switch, and a modified Duodenal … Read More

Episode 2: Do I Qualify


One of the most Googled questions about Bariatric Surgery is, Do I Qualify. In this episode, Dr. Brown talks through all of the various qualification requirements to help you determine if you do or not. Today we’re talking about a really important topic for bariatric patients, “do I qualify?”  That’s a really important question to answer because the reality is … Read More

Episode 1: Meet Dr. Maria R. Brown

The Podcast

Dr. Brown introduces herself and talks about how she made her way into Bariatric Surgery and why she chose this field. She also discusses what to expect from the podcast and what comes next.