Three reasons I choose Robotic Surgery for my patients

October 18, 2022

1) Small incisions for complicated surgery
2) Reduced postoperative pain
3) Efficiency and Reproducibility

Robotic surgery has revolutionized surgical intervention for patients. Robotic surgery offers patients minor incision surgery, no matter how complicated their condition.

Five tiny incisions could change your life.

Improved ergonomics on the robot give me a “wrist” inside your body instead of straight laparoscopic “arms.” The robotic “wrist” creates less torque on your abdominal wall than the laparoscopic arms, and less torque equals less postoperative pain. More than 70% of my patients never require narcotic pain medication.

Lastly, operating with the robot allows only me to control all four working arms. Therefore, you can be confident that your surgeon at the control panel performs every move, every stitch, and every cut.